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Social Ease in The World of Autism

Hi again, and Welcome to our “Social Ease in The World of Autism” Course.

As you know, I am also diagnosed with an Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), meaning this course will be presented from the perspective of “Being on the Spectrum.”

I share some of the exercises, practices, and insights that have moved me along on my path to Social Ease.

I am a product of a network of wonderful, patient, tolerant, and compassionate people, who saw something in me that I could not see in myself. Some mentored and loved me until I could connect with myself and feel that love on my own.

I owe everything I have accomplished to this wonderful network. What I share in this course come from my own experiences and insights from coaching trainings, workshops, and academic education that I have collected, and the credit goes to all the people I encountered on my way.

The goal I have of this course is to communicate the path I took, and how I now have the freedom to enjoy Social Ease . . . still in the World of Autism.

I do this by providing experiences for you to find your path. And for you to experience the shift from the pain and isolation with Social Anxiety to the Freedom and Comfort that comes with Social Ease in The World of Autism.

You will learn how to:

  • Release internal triggers for Anxiety.
  • Restore your connection with your Self.
  • Recovery your internal sense of Comfort and Ease.


With a little practice you will notice that you have

  • Gained Clarity in what is best for You.
  • Increased Confidence from connecting with Your Self.
  • Developed Courage to Be . . . You! Connect with the world.


This is possible. Remember . . . I am on the spectrum too!


The course includes:

  • 6 lessons running about 15-30 minutes each
  • Worksheets for each lesson
  • 20-minute Visualization
  • Bonus Exercise

Set aside 30-40 minutes so you really take your time with this, and so you can prepare, and also spend some time pondering afterwards.

I would suggest you continue to use the 20-minute visualization practice after this course is over.

Let’s get started!


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