Coaching for Autism

Do you have a spectrum diagnosis?

So do I... among many other diagnoses, like bipolar, OCD, and PTSD.

I live a wonderful life and you can too!

In 2015, I started co-facilitating workshops with Danny Raede at Asperger Experts and became suspicious of how well I related to “their problems.” After a year of teaching the BEAM LiFE process to their participants, I finally went to a psychologist, an expert on adult autism.
And guess what, at the ripe old age of 58, I was diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder.
Before the diagnosis, I had been told my challenges with isolation, anxiety, depression, bipolar, abuse, alcoholism, unwanted habits and behaviors – and the excruciating sense of loneliness – was due to PTSD from old trauma. Since the diagnosis, I have clear insight into the world of recovery and still felt the overwhelming sense of isolation, separateness, and that weird feeling of not belonging.

I have become an expert on how to develop self-respect, self-acceptance, and self-love with social ease and comfort in the world of Autism.

In addition, I have been free from drugs and alcohol for more than 28 years. Because of my diagnosis and my experience in recovery, I now have a keen understanding of how it feels to be clean and sober - and still not fit in - because of Social Blindness from Autism and PTSD. 

Life can be lonely, confusing, and so frightening. But it does not need to be!
There is a solution – a somatic solution – called the BEAM LiFE Process.

By working through the BEAM LiFE Process, you will be able to build a life for yourself you never thought possible. I went through this process myself and finally found a life of fulfillment - great relationships with my husband and children - and a successful business! And so can YOU!
My journey makes me an expert on Recovery with Social Blindness. I offer a solution to learn how to “see” others by developing intuition and social awareness. I feel a calling to bring my experience, strength, and hope to the autism community. Better yet, to feel free from social blindness, you can take this course in the comfort of your own home.
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"Up until very recently, I had never defined myself as a socially adept person, mainly because I didn’t trust myself to behave appropriately with acquaintances or peers. One session with Eva transformed this discouraging assumption into an unshakable belief in my ability to do and be confident and competent in the company of others, which I didn’t think was possible for me. She helped me step into my own incredible potential, and opened up new avenues that had been inaccessible to me for nearly two decades. To say Eva changed my life would be understating how important she has been to my growth as a human being."

Hayden Mears

My favorite person that does Somatic Experiencing is Eva Angvert Harren.

It is amazingly powerful stuff. I’m in Seattle. I fly down to her, like, once every three or six months or so. It is the most powerful, magical thing I have ever seen in my life, so much so that it informs pretty much everything I do. If everybody knew how to do Somatic Experiencing, the world would be such a changed place. It would be miraculous. It is the single greatest thing that gave me my life back.

People ask, "OK, you’re somebody with Asperger’s. And you’re in your mid-to-late 20s now. How did you actually succeed in life?"

This right here, this is what I did. You want to know the magic secret sauce? Somatic Experiencing and Eva over at BEAM LiFE Coaching is it.

Danny Raede

Are you on the Autism Spectrum? 

Do you suffer from social anxiety? 

Get unstuck with our new course and learn to enjoy a life of freedom, fulfillment, and fun!

The BEAM LiFE process cultivates brilliant behaviors to support you and help you develop:

Clarity in what you want

Confidence in what you do

Courage to be…You!

Get Unstuck from Life-Limiting Habits and Learn Brilliant Behaviors to Develop Your Formula for Successful Living.

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