What can BEAM LiFE do for you? My goal is that you will eventually not need my services.

Disclaimer: I am not Psychiatrist, Psychologist, Psychotherapist, or Therapy Professionals. You should always seek the advice of a Professional before deciding the right treatment option for you or your child. Any advice we give is for educational and informational purposes only, and should not be considered medical, legal or financial advice. Consult with a medical doctor before making any changes to you or your child’s lifestyle. This website is for information only, and not a replacement for professional diagnosis, medication, or therapy.

 On-The-Phone 20 Minute Call – FREE

An ON THE PHONE 20-minute Q & A session about the BEAM LiFE Process, and how it can help you.

There is no cost for this session. Schedule yours today.

Thank you for your interest in BEAM LiFE. I am looking forward to talking with you.

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The Shift – A One Time Personal Experience with the BEAM LiFE Process – $250.00

The Shift is a 1-session transformative experience of the BEAM LiFE Process. (The fee can be used toward our 3-months, or 6-months coaching programs.)

If you live with anxiety, anger, or addictive habits, you can learn how to release your pain WITHOUT having to re-live your story. You don’t even have to tell your story. The BEAM LiFE Process works either way.

You learn how to feel your Body/Mind connection, and you can experience the empowering sensations following the release from your pain. Within a session you can have an experience with Tipi. The goal for Tipi is to experience total and permanent resolution of a specific difficulty.

Sessions can be scheduled in person, over the phone, Skype, or Hangout. Your choice!

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3 Session Power Shift Package – $725.00

Are you Stressed? Do you suffer from Anxiety? 

Do you have unwanted habits or even addictive behaviors you want to stop?

Would you like to feel more confident and in charge of your life?

Be ready to discuss and release your emotional difficulty permanently. 

Enjoy feeling Empowered with the skills of managing anxiety, and get free from the grip of addictive habits. 

Contact Eva for Student Discount Code.

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5 Session Empowering Core Package – $1200.00

Enjoy the full BEAM LiFE Process, and experience transformational results with new skills and a new outlook on life in just 5 sessions! 

With a 5-session commitment you will establish a solid and strong core emotional foundation to build your skills on.

Dependent on your request and desires we will book 

– One session/day for 5 consecutive day, or 

– One session/week for 5 consecutive weeks (recommended)

Contact Eva for student discount code.

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3 Month Premium Plan – $4500.00

Read about The Shift and imagine weekly opportunities to experience another Shift and yet another Shift, and more awareness, all throughout this 3 month exiting Program. This program will support you to get unstuck from your life-limiting habits you may have had for years.

Remember . . . My goal is that you will no longer need my services. During our coaching time together you will have developed into a person that has 
*Clarity in what you want
*Confidence in what you do
*Courage to BE . . . You!

You will achieve this through:
-Purpose and Outcome statement created together
-Weekly personalized practices and exercises pertaining to specific outcomes
-Weekly 45-minute sessions for consistency
-Weekly 15-minute check-in for progress report
-1 emergency check-in call (half hour) per month (Response within 2 hours, unless traveling)
-Unlimited email support, response within 24 hours

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6 Month Master Plan – $9000.00

Read about The Shift and imagine weekly opportunities to experience another Shift and yet another Shift, and more awareness, all throughout this 6 months exiting Platinum Program.

After 3-months coaching, we will book a 2 hour meeting where we will be recognizing successes, going over purpose and goals statements, and working out a detailed personalized contingency program.

For the remaining three months, we will continue with,

-Weekly personalized practices and exercises. 

-Weekly 45-minute sessions for consistency

-Weekly 15-minute check-in for progress report

-1 emergency check-in call (half hour) per month (Response within 2 hours, unless traveling.) This means 3 extra hours of coaching without additional cost.

-Unlimited emails, response within 24 hours

At the conclusion of your 6-months Master Plan Coaching Program, I offer another 2 hours ( at no extra cost) for you to look over your progress and successes.

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Somatic Freedom Practice Workshop – $275.00

This is a full day workshop limited to 20 people. We build emotional strength and balance with ease. This is NOT group therapy. 

We use humor to release our patterns, and find  different ways to interact that suits You!

You don’t have to tell your story! You can participate, have fun, and learn tools to enjoy your day. Within minutes, you will experience relief from old behavioral patterns!

You will learn how to

-Keep healthy boundaries

-Release anxiety and depression

-Stay emotionally balanced

-Overcome addictive habits and patterns

All while having fun. That’s what it’s truly about, the ability to feel joy.

The group is limited to 20 people with much personal attention on each participant. You will experience a sense of joy, just being you!

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5-week Social Ease Group Tele Course – $265.00

If you are on the Autism Spectrum, and want ways to cope with Social Blindness, this 5-week Group Tele Course is for you.

If you have challenges with social anxiety, reactive anger, or some addictive behavior, this 5-week Group Tele Course is for you.

If you are looking for tools and techniques to get more comfortable in Social settings, this 5-week Group Tele Course is for you.

In the comfort of your own home you can join this group and learn skills to develop Social Ease. We close the group after 10 sign-ups and start the following Wednesday evening.

  • Enjoy total confidentiality. Only I know your email for payments.
  • Volunteer participation. If you prefer to listen and learn, that’s fine too.
  • Weekly 60-minute phone call in the comfort of your choice.
  • Meet in our virtual room, same day, same time.
  • Chose what You want to work on, something You feel stuck with.
  • Learn and implement the “Stop. Drop. Check.” Technique.
  • Enjoy new insights and practices throughout your week.
  • Come back and share your successes!
  • Benefit from the synergy of the group.
  • Get UN-Stuck from Life-Limiting Habits.
  • Enjoy the freedom that comes with Social Ease!
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